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5 Free Japanese sewing pattern websites to bookmark

08 Nov 2013

If you’re after a new sewing pattern, why not try something a little different? These websites offer free Japanese sewing pattern downloads.

IMPORTANT: All the sewing patterns need to be drafted. Measurements are in centimetres and do not include seam allowance.

  1. Peachmade

    This little Japanese online craft store is based in the city of Kobe. You can download free sewing patterns of four different bags from this website, including a diaper pouch.

    How to download free Japanese sewing patterns from Peachmade

    Once you are on the Peachmade page, simply click on any of the four images of the bags. Then, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on any of the Adobe PDF icons to download your sewing pattern. The orange START button takes you to the instructions.

  2. Chiku Chiku Happy

    You can purchase sewing patterns, as well as download free ones from this webiste. It’s a little more tricky to
    navigate though! Once you are on the Chiku Chiku Happy page, click on the very last link on the left which says, 過去の無料レシピ
    (see below left). Click on any link listed (see below right) to go to the article page with the free sewing pattern.

    How to download free Japanese sewing patterns from Chiku Chiku

  3. Otsukaya

    The website for the Japanese craft retailer, Otsukaya, has many free sewing patterns aimed at the home maker. To access the free downloads, just click on any of the Adobe PDF icons.

    I made this oven mit / heat mat using an Otsukaya sewing pattern. I translated the pattern and instructions to English in this blog post.

    How to make a pot holder oven mitt heat pad

  4. Nuimono tic-tac

    There’s lots and lots of kids clothes sewing patterns on this Japanese sewing blog. The author, Chikuta provides
    step-by-step tutorials with photos, making it easier to figure out the sewing process despite the language barrier.

    To access the free sewing pattern download, find the link at the bottom of the tutorial page that says, こちら(kochira). This says sewing pattern download here.

    For example, at the bottom of the kids’ pyjama pants page, click on the link in the blue circle.

    How to download free Japanese sewing patterns from Tic-Tac

  5. Handmade no kokoro

    If you want to sew something for a newborn baby, this is the best Japanese sewing blog for you! There’s lots of
    free sewing patterns for bibs, onesies, pants and baby accessories available. Just click the green button that says
    ダウンロード(download) to start downloading the sewing pattern.

    How to download free Japanese sewing patterns from Handmade no kokoro

    I made this reversible and adjustable baby hat using a pattern from Handmade no kokoro. It has been translated into English with step-by-step instructions.

    Free baby hat sewing pattern

Author: Rin Gomura-Elkan

Rin is a sewing lover living in laid-back Australia. Born in Japan, she has a passion for making Japanese crafts accessible to a worldwide audience. She helps women live a more creative and meaningful life on her blog, sewinlove.com.au