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Reversible Baby Hat

28 Oct 2013

This Japanese sewing pattern for a reversible baby hat is available for free download from the Japanese sewing blog,
“Handmade no Kokoro”.

This cute baby hat is adjustable, because of the elasticated headband and ribbon trim. That means it’ll take some time
before your baby grows out of wearing this special, handmade hat!

Please visit Handmade no Kokoro and download the free sewing pattern.

The following is an English translation of the original Japanese version. Please visit the original blog post on
“Handmade no Kokoro” to see more photos for this tutorial.


  • Fabric A - 58cm x 24cm or 22.8 x 9.5 inches
  • Fabric B - 48cm x 24cm or 19 x 9.5 inches
  • Cotton drawstring cord* (0.8cm or ¼” wide) - 65cm or 25.6 inches
  • Please adjust cord length to fit your child.

Fabric Suggestions: double gauze, cotton, denim, canvas

Finished Measurements

  • Width (measured flat) 27cm or 10.6 inches
  • Height (measured flat) 16cm or 6.3 inches
  • Head circumference 42-47cm (depending on elastic length used) or 16.5-18.5 inches

Approximate Sewing Time

1-3 hours


(Please visit Handmade no Kokoro to see more step-by-step photos)

  1. Download and print sewing pattern on A4 size paper. Add 5mm (⅕”) seam allowance to all edges before cutting out paper
    pattern. Cut 6 pieces each from fabrics A and B.

    Step 1 of Baby hat

  2. Right sides facing, stitch the longer edges of the same fabric together. Leave a 2cm (⅘”) gap on one of the edges of the hat, for inserting drawstring cord later.

    Step 2 of Baby hat

  3. Stitch 6 pieces together to create each of the inner (Fabric A) and outer (Fabric B) hats. Press seams open at the
    top of the hat, where pieces overlap.

  4. This photo shows the inner and outer hats, each with 6 pieces stitched together.

    Step 4 of Baby hat

  5. Press all seams open. Insert inner hat inside outer hat.

    Step 5 of Baby hat

  6. Right sides facing, stitch the the inner and outer hats together by sewing around the brim. Leave an opening to turn
    hat to right side.

    Step 6 of Baby hat

  7. Turn hat to right side. Neatly fold and pin the opening.

  8. Stitch all around the brim, including the opening. Stitch 2-3mm (1/10”) from the edge.

    Step 8 of Baby hat

  9. Stitch along the two dashed lines of the sewing pattern. This creates a casing around the crown of the hat to insert
    the cord.

    Step 9 of Baby hat

  10. Insert drawstring cord. You can dip the ends in melted wax to prevent fraying.

    Step 10 of Baby hat

  11. Tie a bow with the drawstring cord and evenly distribute the gathering around the crown. Finished!

    Free baby hat sewing pattern

Optional step: I stuck on an applique motif on the yellow side to add some interest.

Author: Rin Gomura-Elkan

Rin is a sewing lover living in laid-back Australia. Born in Japan, she has a passion for making Japanese crafts accessible to a worldwide audience. She helps women live a more creative and meaningful life on her blog, sewinlove.com.au