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Free Women's PJ Pajama Pants Sewing Pattern

10 Jan 2014

This Japanese sewing pattern for women’s elastic waist pants is available for free download from the Japanese fabric store,
Nani-Iro. They make beautiful, bright fabrics!

I made a pair of pajama pants using flannelette fabric and added a satin bow at the waist to keep it feminine.


The following is an English translation of the original Japanese version.

Size Adjustment

The free pants sewing pattern only comes in one size (Japanese size M). This is equivalent to 64-70cm (26-28”) waist. To adjust the sewing pattern to fit you, follow these guidelines.

  • A = (Waist measurement X 1.3) / 4
  • B = A - (A x 0.05)
  • C = Waist to crotch
  • D = Crotch to knee
  • E = Knee to floor

Size adjustment guide for pajama pants


  • Fabric - 80 cm x 220cm or 22.8 x 9.5 inches
  • Elastic^ - width 2.5cm or 1 inch
  • Satin ribbon^ - width 2cm or 4/5 inch

^ Please adjust length to fit.

Fabric Suggestions: cotton, linen, flannelette

Approximate Sewing Time

1-3 hours


  1. Download sewing pattern from Nani-Iro website. Draft a sewing pattern using the Size Adjustment guidelines above. ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE IN METRIC CENTIMETRES. The circles in PINK are the seam allowance which must be added before cutting out your fabric. You need to cut two pieces which are mirror images to each other.

    Step 1 of Pajama pants

  2. Zig-zag stitch along the waistline, then right sides facing, stitch the centre back seam. Zig-zag stitch seams together.

    Step 2 of Pajama pants

  3. For the centre front seam, fold down 3mm (1/10 inch) and stitch to create an opening for inserting elastic later. Then, stitch the centre front seam up to the opening. Zig-zag stitch seams together.

    Step 3 of Pajama pants

  4. Right sides facing, stitch the inner leg seam. Zig-zag stitch seams together.

    Step 4 of Pajama pants

  5. This is an additional step if you want to have a ribbon waist tie. Make 2 buttonholes on the front, wide enough thread the satin ribbon through.

    Step 5 of Pajama pants

  6. Fold down and stitch the waistline to create casing for elastic. Insert elastic and sew ends together.

    Step 6 of Pajama pants

  7. Zig-zag stitch, fold and hem pants.

    Step 7 of Pajama pants

  8. Thread the ribbon through the button holes. Finished!

    Step 8 of Pajama pants

Free pyjama pajama pants sewing pattern Pinterest

Author: Rin Gomura-Elkan

Rin is a sewing lover living in laid-back Australia. Born in Japan, she has a passion for making Japanese crafts accessible to a worldwide audience. She helps women live a more creative and meaningful life on her blog, sewinlove.com.au