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Free Japanese Sewing Pattern in English: Oven Mit / Hot Pad

14 Nov 2013

Oven mits make wonderful, practical handmade gifts. This Japanese sewing pattern is for an oven mit which also does
double duty as a hot pad.

I have translated this sewing pattern from the Japanese craft store, Otsuka-ya. Please download the Japanese sewing
pattern PDF
before following the instructions below.


  • Cotton fabric: 140cm x 30cm (22.8” x 9.5”)
  • Quilt batting: 30cm x 30cm (12” x 12”)
  • Bias tape* (0.8cm or ¼” wide): 75cm or 30”
  • I made my own bias tape using plain cotton fabric

Before you start

Cut 4 circles with 22cm (8 ⅔”) diameter. Use a circular paper pattern for a neat finish. I cut 3 pieces out of floral
fabric, and 1 piece out of plain fabric. Also cut 1 circle out of the quilt batting.

Cut total of 5 circles

  1. Make the hanging loop. Cut fabric 12cm x 4cm (5” x 1.6”). Fold and stitch as shown in diagram.

    Make loop

  2. Wrong sides facing, fold 2 of the floral fabric circles in half. Press.
  3. Stack fabric pieces in the following order:
    • Floral print circle
    • Quilting stuffing
    • Plain fabric circle
    • 2 floral print folded semi-circles
    • Loop you made in Step 1
    • Bias tape

    Stack pieces ready to stitch

    Stitch 0.5cm (0.2”) from the outer edge to attach the right side of the bias tape to the loop and the fabric pieces

    Stack pieces ready to stitch

  4. Snip around the edges. Fold and press bias tape. Baste bias tape by hand to the other side of the oven mit.

    Stack pieces ready to stitch

  5. Fold up and machine stitch the loop on to the bias tape. Finished!

    Stack pieces ready to stitch

Author: Rin Gomura-Elkan

Rin is a sewing lover living in laid-back Australia. Born in Japan, she has a passion for making Japanese crafts accessible to a worldwide audience. She helps women live a more creative and meaningful life on her blog, sewinlove.com.au