Japanese Clothing Size Conversion Chart to Western Size

25 Aug 2015

Clothing sizes in Japan for women uses a number system (from 5 to 11) or a letter system (S,M,L, etc.). In general, the clothing is made for smaller frames and heights than what we are used to in the West.

You need to consider your height when it comes to Japanese sizes. Even if your measurements fit within the size guidelines, if you are taller than 160cm (5'3"), you may need to go up an extra size or else the sleeves of the garment may be far too short!

At 165cm (5'5"), I find I need to go up at least one whole size in Japan. Take Uniqlo clothing for example, in the US I fit into XS or S. When shopping at Uniqlo in Japan, I need to buy a size M.

When sewing Japanese patterns, you can add extra seam allowance to the hemline to give your garment extra length.

The size conversion chart below shows you the measurement guidelines for Japanese sizes.


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